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  1. Transfer completed. Just waiting on add-ons. Thank you Paul
  2. Paul is this still for sale? Snog said it is ok to transfer the add-on license? I'm about ready to purchase both those add-ons so I might as well buy this instead.
  3. That's against xenForo's terms of service and the account will be terminated if found a transaction was completed to go around their transfer policy.
  4. @Dan my trade rating no longer shows in my postbit.. P.S. Might drop in and see you in a few weeks if it's Blues/Rangers for the cup as will def be going to St Louis for that
  5. Licenses can't be transfered til 120 days after purchase. You'll need to wait another 90 days before you can sell it.
  6. Be warned now. This guy is a scammer. I have contacted Paypal also after receiving notice and yesterday was the final day I could file a dispute against him. The notice I am talking about is this morning I received an E-Mail from Namecheap during the night.. So I replied.. "What? I did not authorize this transfer. This must have been high jacked. Please get this domain returned to me." Few hours go by, I receive a response...
  7. Take $90.00? Business verified paypal and i have a high rated trading here.
  8. Is this still for sale? I'd be interested in purchasing it
  9. Sure do, go ahead and pm me your paypal info and I'll reply with my namecheap username to push to
  10. I'd like to purchase for $80. I'm a long time member of this site and have positive feedback both as a buyer and seller. http://extralicense.com/trade/xfhost.544/
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