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  1. Payment sent and transfer done, you can close this.
  2. This seller is probably a scammer. Be careful everyone. My convo with the scammer.. sry seller: http://gyazo.com/5bcf5c1313bd8201318897f44f607cdc
  3. Be careful everyone, the seller only accept gifted paypal payment. Smell fishy as f...
  4. TBH, I think you are asking too much. GL
  5. Im selling my vbulletin 4 for 100$ It is able to be legally transfered Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/1sm56m I prefer paypal payment.
  6. Transfer completed. Dispute lifted. Where do I rep this gentlemen?
  7. Wow there so many cons when buying a used license: It outlines our license transfer restrictions, including a limit of one transfer per license. You will NOT be able to transfer this license in the future. In addition please note that since chargebacks can occur up at any time after a purchase, there is a slight possibility that the person you are purchasing this license from may issue a chargeback against their original vBulletin purchase - thus invalidating the license being transferred to you. In this event, you would no longer be allowed to use the license. Please note that this has occurred in only a small number of cases but it is something we feel you should be aware of. Also if the old owner continues to use this copy of vBulletin and this license is being used on more than one site, this may result in the license being revoked. In addition in some cases the owner may dispute that this was a valid transfer. We do everything we can to ensure this doesn't happen but we cannot guarantee that it won't. If this happens the transfer will be considered fraudulent and the license will revert back to the original owner. Im still proceeding and crossing my fingers that Craig is a legitimate seller.
  8. I simply put a hold on it to make sure my money stay in his paypal account until I receive the license as stated in the dispute. Everyone should do this to avoid sellers to spend the money and scam buyers. If he transfer the liscense, paypal would close the dispute in his favor.. I dont even understand why i have to explain this.
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