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  1. Hello looking to buy vbulletin licenses i need 2 licenses with vb 4 and one with vb 5 payment with paypal and if need with middleman thanks
  2. hello i noticed same no able to post in xenforo section
  3. i can offer you max 120 usd for this. with middleman service ( i pay 10 usd middleman ) thanks
  4. hello i can buy it with middleman let me know if for you is ok thanks
  5. still looking invision power license. with core+forum and if have commerce thanks
  6. yes im interested. contact you in pm thanks
  7. ye honeslty i prefer in order 1. invision power . because is more complete i think. ok is expensive but have commerce complete and forum and page and blog and all 2. xenforo is new and fresh and very good themes but the problem i find is commerce section. need buy addons and not are very good and have some restrictions. 3. vbulletin is old and not have commerce vb5. its ok only for fourm i never tried woltlab . Still looking xenforo license - vb4 and vb 5 - and invision power too woltlab i can buy thanks