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  1. Transaction went smoothly, would recommend him any day of the week for sales. Thanks for the license, much appreciated.
  2. Send me a pm once vbulletin has changed the email and i will buy it from you
  3. Is this actually legit? I ask this becuase your saying there is no transfer fee and vB costs 45 to transfer. If you plan to cover the transfer cost, then ill buy it today. Edit: I see its a "your given the account". So i'll say this, if were given the email the account is attached to like ownership of it then ill but it today.
  4. Yes, that's how much it would be, let me know when you have decided.
  5. Gyazo - d6580da2e859fe4d472ddf6333da7c1d.png Or you could just take over the account, renew when u want and change all the info. I have no problem giving up the hotmail account attached to it. Let me know if your still interested.
  6. IPB License just won't sell, how depressing lol.

  7. Bump. Will sell for 100 usd. Will trade for a VB 5 license. Will trade for an expired XF license. Just really want to get rid of this license lol......
  8. Price is 100$ usd for the next 24hrs, it will not be lowered lower then 100$. After 24hrs of this post the price will go back to 150.
  9. Still for sale and 1 - 2 people are currently interested. First come first serve, don't let this license slip away today

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