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  1. Man look at his last activity date: saturday
  2. dikshu, I did a bit of research following his emailaddress.
  3. He's probably banned for this: http://thebotnet.com/make-money/183857-make-10-per-day-solving-captchas/ Sent virus to people
  4. I'm not sure if this guy is legit, he was a user on thebotnet and has been banned from there.
  5. Good price, why are you selling it? Can you provide proof of purchase?
  6. Yes, the license has been transferred and I'm able to download the forum software. Now I only need to associate it with a new url. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, I remember you had to wait a week or something.
  8. Oh thats cool, what are the upgrade options for the license? Immediatly to vb5 Connect? Let me think about it.
  9. I'm still interested, what are the benefits of 3.8.7 patch 3?
  10. What do you mean its not? I'm also interested in this.

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