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  1. PM me if you still have any xF license's. We can talk their.
  2. 50-60 has been going the rate...i've seen around...
  3. Man you need to either sell this license, or close this thread. I have contacted you several times, and not once have you been ready to sell the license. We also need to verify the license is legit. Several people have made offers, yet you never seem to come around.... No more games...either sell it or close the thread...
  4. Good luck we understand. Let's us know how it all works out.
  5. From the sound of it, the license is still avaibale but someone sent the payment to him for the lic from here, but the user was meaning to buy it from another site.
  6. Wow, he said and I quote "he sent you the money" Hmm....
  7. Yeah he was trying to scam me too. User should be removed.
  8. When I have sold licenes's in the past it has take about 24 hours and sometimes a little longer.
  9. Nah, I will pass...can purchase new domains for that price. Register.com has domain names for 50 cents. Thanks for your time.
  10. twdforum.com - full of spam bots, forum is dead. What are you asking this domain?
  11. Close thread? no reply from poster for days/months.

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