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  1. License sold to @@justinsamuel. You can close this thread now.
  2. Hi Trent, sorry for my late reply. I just came back home, so I haven't sold the license yet. I have 4 people interested, the first person that sends me the money will get it. If you have any questions or need any further information, please start a conversation with me and let me know. Regards, -Elmore
  3. I already bought my xenForo license. I'm willing to accept $80. Anyone interested let me know.
  4. I have 3 other people interested (apparently) willing to pay the $100. If I don't sell it in a few days I might sell it to you, if you're still interested then of course.
  5. I'm selling a vBulletin 4 forum account with access to vB 3.8.8 for $120, but I can accept $100 right now. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Sorry to hear. Hopefully he'll come through in the end, but if you paid with Paypal you should file a dispute if he doesn't report back in a few hours. To be honest, looking at his selling thread, I do find a little suspicious the fact that his "proof" image is hosted in some other forum, like it gives me the impression he could've simply copied and pasted the ad from another forum. This doesn't mean anything of course, it just rubs me the wrong way. Let's hope you get your license soon.
  7. I'm selling one for $120. Here's the link if you're interested: http://extralicense.com/threads/vbulletin-4-forum-license-with-access-to-vb-3-8-8.1981/
  8. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade vBulletin 4 forum license. It gives you access to all past, current and future versions of vBulletin 4 and 3 (even 2). 2. When does it expire? It is a lifetime license, it never expires. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? It is. I verified this with vBulletin support already, but I can give you the license number and you can contact them and verify it yourself. 4. Any Screenshots? 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. 120 USD. I accept Paypal payments only. I'm a verified Paypal user.
  9. $70 is a very generous offer. I've seen these for sale under $40, but I guess they aren't easy to find these days. Good luck!
  10. XenForo licenses are on sale right now. You can get a license for $110, I just got mine.
  11. XenForo will have a special sale from March 4th to the 10th. You can get a brand new license for $110.

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