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We hope you have enjoyed our free service since 2011, we have made a few new changes to the site to make it more user friendly plus we have added a few features to the site for your enjoyment, we have added a new section to the site called links directory a place where you can promote your site for free.

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  1. Hey. Can you please reply to my PM please?

  2. Hey ! Dan the staff member here told me to contact you about finding a license for xenforo! Can you help me ?

  3. Hey jack is there a way to sell my xenforo license that i bought from you?

  4. Dan

    Once again, thanks JackPH!

  5. Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: Selling 2. When does it expire? Expired on April 25, 2015 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. 45$ I'm selling this license for 45$ only (6 months renewal fee & transfer fee are not included). I would recommend you to renew the license to download the latest software update & transfer the license. Price: 90$ (45$ for the license, 20$ for transfer fee, 25$ for renewal fee).
  6. Dan

    Thanks Jack!

  7. Dan

    Thanks for the donation Jack!!

    1. Kirk


      @[518:JackPH] , You're the man. All the EL staff greatly appreciate your generous donation :)

    2. JackPH


      Thank you too guys.

  8. I don't think buying a non-transferable license is a wise choice. Do you need add-on? Around how many months of support & update left in the license you are looking for? How much are you willing to pay JoshSmith?
  9. Great, congrats new service in a new year
  10. You are right, but buyers & sellers are not in the same country most of the time.
  11. It's so easy to purchase coins nowadays with variety of payment methods Anyway, Stripe is a good option too.
  12. His profile is not available anymore. Maybe he's banned?
  13. Happy new year Extra License & everyone
  14. I know you are thinking about direct bank deposit or bank wire transfer right? The fees are pretty high, it's not applicable for this kind of product/service. Maybe you should consider working with BitCoin ?

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