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  1. All has went well so far , I put my trust in him , he atm dosn't have the funds , but while I'm at work tommorow he will deliver the funds via my paypal e-mail, if all goes well this thread will be ready to be moved to completed. I can see why he was made a mod here , really nice guy. Update Seems we hit vBulletin at a bad time , mabey after there business hours , e-mail has not been received yet nor have i gotten a reply
  2. if anyone still wants to buy it , hit me up , it was not transferrable before , but i just got confirmation that it is now.
  3. Currently Owner. Includes all login credentials for vBulletin ,can also download the vBulletin 4.x Pub Suite and vBulletin 3.x Paid US $249.00 Asking for US/CAD $100.00 Paypal. Reply here or e-mail me stanhooper@rocketmail.com. Currently Reserved by Kirk, Putting this on hold for now.
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