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  1. Hi dear friend! Haven't had a chance to log in yet due to being away from home atm, but I do have the License transferred now, so, thanks! :)

  2. I generally wake up around 6 am mon-friday, but ive done it for so long that even on a saturday & sunday i wake at about 7am.
  3. Yea, im talking to them right now.

  4. Hi he didn't contact me this morning via email...they must be so busy with License transfers or purchases!

  5. Yea, sorry for the delay, they need one more peice of information to transfer, Sent it, should be processing now.
  6. Hi I'll buy it from you for $85 let me know asap! Thx! :)

  7. Hey i'm selling my Xenforo forums. I bought it about 3-4 months ago for a minecraft server that me and some friends were running at the time and still do run. PM if you want proof of that just incase you are skeptical of if i'm actually selling a legit license. Here is proof of the license. Purchased Jan 31, 2011 Expires March 15, 2012 My asking price is 100$ Please contact me on skype : remusrowle Also payment method is paypal. Any questions contact me on skype please.
  8. Hey, wow, so glad i found this place i'm really needing to find a place to sell my xenforo. Well, again, hey guys.

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