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  1. Hard to tell what he means, but i think it's sold. Not sure why he would add the current bid info if it is sold though. (maybe just the vBTech acct. is still for sale.?)
  2. Cancel, i just upgraded my current license. for $209.
  3. Yes definitely still looking (wanted), but i'm afraid i'm going to have to just buy it from vB, because i cant seem to find anyone who is willing to show some proof, they want money first.!? It's a shame there is no way to do this without someone taking a risk.
  4. If what is still available.!? This is a WTB thread. I'm still looking if that helps.
  5. I don't know why people turn off their notifications.. i get an email every time something gets posted to me. You'd think they posted here to get a response, but then just disappear.?
  6. Good question.. I cant seem to buy a license off this site. lol
  7. Yea you should buy an owned vB3 license. That will give you access.
  8. Yea i'm probably going to buy this if it is still here in a couple days. So it would be nice to get some clarification on if it will be on hold or not.
  9. Yes, my vB3.x license only gets me what was available when it expired. which is 4.0.9
  10. I have a license that only gets me 4.0.9 ? (that is why i ask)
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