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  1. Hi thanks for tweeting. And sadly I sold it to someone on DigitalPoint today. so this can be put to completed.
  2. If I can't trade it I'm willing to sell it for 80 usd.
  3. Hello are you still searching for a xenforo license?

  4. Hello I bought a xenforo license but rather have a vbulletin license. If possible a vbulletin 4 license with vbulletin 3 downloads so I can download the latest patches etc for it to? anyone willing to trade? Reason I do not use it anymore.
  5. VB3 == Around $65 VB4 Forum == Around $90 VB4 Publishing Suite == Around $185
  6. Could you please close this the license has been sold.
  7. You want to sell but want to buy to?

  8. Added screenshot. And a note I'm selling it for my friend.
  9. Hi Dan, Your planning a project? does it have to do with programming? if so I could always help just tell me if you want it ;p

  10. Hi how are you doing ;p

    1. Vincent


      goodgood :) u?

    2. HostinGazel


      Good been a bit busy but yeah doing fine ;p

  11. The asking price for this license is $200 usd. It's a Suite license so buying it new costs you $285. Just post here if you'd like the license or not.
  12. I noticed a downtime today on this site. Why was it down was it scheduled maintance or?