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  1. Paypal is like a lottery. Sometimes you are lucky, most times you are not. Their way to solve things is simple: If they can recover the funds, they will help you. If they cannot recover the funds, they will make threats like closing your account. So the math is simple like programming: IF Paypal can recover funds without making losses, then you win the case. ELSE you will lose the case if the scammer has no bank / credit card etc attached to his account and has spent the scammed money. Most scammers just open an account and scam until they reach the limit of the unverified account, which is
  2. I received a note from Paypal also, just that the outcome is different: I contacted them again and they told me that if I file a chargeback using my credit card company, they would have to freeze my account because they are not able to rule in my favor and by issuing a chargeback I would basically make them lose money, which would be a reason to freeze my account until I cover their losses. While it was just a few Dollars (35 or so as I only paid 50% up front) I would not do the chargeback as it would hurt my business not being able to accept Paypal.
  3. Sale has been completed last night. Was a big delay because XF asked for the original paypal transaction id and since he didn't have an account, it delayed a few things. However, everything worked out great this time
  4. The problem with paypal is different. Scammers just open a new account for each transaction. They do not care about their account getting closed, as they calculate that within their scam. They simply setup an account without verifying it, do their scam up to the limit before they need to verify the account and once they receive money, they instantly spend it on goods or use the scammed funds to transfer it to additional accounts so the money is no longer in the scammers account. The scammers are not stupid, they do not verifgy their account or add a bank account to get the money. They just
  5. Yes, it sucks the way they work. Sadly I cannot say that is's no loss to not have an account with them. I collect a few thousands of Dollars every month from people who do not want to use any other service. Reason: They have never been scammed by people and think that Paypal is safe, so they prefer it over a credit card payment or over "annoying wire transfers". So sometimes you simply have no choice. For me it means that I either would lose business or the amount someone scams me for. I agree that Paypal does suck. 100% on your side
  6. The problem with chargebacks is that Paypal basically tells you: If you file a chargeback, then your account will be closed, which is not an option for me for example. If you rely on Paypal you will forget the chargeback option quickly (sadly) However, good thing you got your money back! Nelly
  7. If you have a license available, please contact me. It's really urgent as I really prefer not to pay the full price so shortly before Christmas but I still require a license for a new teen forum. People are basically just waiting for me to launch the site, so I am just waiting for the license before I can take it online. I styled everything already, so the only reason preventing me from launching is the license. Since I won't have ads on my forums, I am looking for a "used" license to save a bit of money. Thanks and sorry for posting again...
  8. Thanks for sharing. I think one of these names tried selling me a license too. However, I always check with the companies or ask people to have the developers send me an email before I buy, so I spotted it quickly as no emails came in
  9. Seeking that special.... XF license hehe

  10. As the title says: I am looking for another xenforo license between 70-80 USD. Must be transferable and active. Doesn't matter if it expires in a few months. Remember that licenses can only be transfered once and that your license must be at least 120 days old. If you have proof of ownership, please post it. When buying the license I will also check with XenForo if the license is valid to prevent issues. Thanks Nelly
  11. As the title says: Looking for a xenforo license for up to 80 USD. Must be available for transfer and not expired. Doesn't matter if it expires in a month or so. Remember that you cannot transfer licenses that are less than 120 days old. If you can provide a screenshot of the license or the license id so I can check with xenforo if it is valid, please attach it or send via PM. Update: Managed to get one - Thank you anyways

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