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  1. It just needs a $40 payment to become transferable. If thats too mich hassle then I'll just leave it be for now. Eventually someone will have interest. I currently do not require the software and see no need to activate it, as of then the days start counting to de-activation. So this is basically the best you can get, maximum timespan for your money. Let me know if you want to deal, I love to chat about a lot but there are so many things to do, Xenforo is not on that lost for me.... For now I am leaving the discussion, again, want to deal, send me a private message.
  2. and the 40 which needs to be spent to make the licence transferable and active for another year will be added so it will add up to 125 i assume?
  3. I have a VB licence, please contact me if you are interesed.
  4. I have one for you. It has to be renewed thou.
  5. can only transfer if the licence is active, so 45usd needs to be added to the 75. makes a grand total of 125,-
  6. For sale DZOIC HANDSHAKES: DZOIC Handshakes is the best solution for building your own social networking service, just like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace. Handshakes is fully customizable and easy to use. It is delivered together with 100% Open PHP, PSD and FLA sources giving you a full control over completely every part of the script. Key features: powerful admin console, install guide, facebook style wall, social bookmarking, tag clouds, profiles (admin can modify profile questions), audio and video blogging, voice and video messaging, audio and video comments, video chat, image voting,
  7. Currently active licence for Bulletin 4.x Publishing suite and vbBlog. Bought in 2006. make me an offer.
  8. I am selling an XenForo licence which was: Purchased: Jan 9, 2011 and the support/updates have ended on: Mar 12, 2014. It can be legally transferred. I accept Paypal. Xenforo: $75,- Audentio xenSplash: $20,- Audentio Class: $30,- or all for $115,- or make me an offer. (Keep in mind I am located in the Netherlands, CET: +1:00)

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