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  1. phpfox community license, not branded asking price 299$ 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade am selling phpfox version=3.8.0 community 2. When does it expire? the upgrade expires nov 2014 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? yes is legal to transfer or takeover my account 4. How much are you selling for, it come with premium plugin asking price 299$ 1, MiTunes Music Mod 150$ develop by phpfoxmods.net music demo link http://phpfoxmods.net/phpfox3/music/main/ 2,phpFox Social Buttons 35$ dvdlop by http://ceofox.com/ demo http://ceofox.com/app/phpfox-social-butt
  2. Am selling it cheap half price, don't need any online business again pm if interested
  3. admin you can move this complete transaction. , the ilance is sold today, thanks EL
  4. Netzuu.ca Canada free local classified ads

  5. @nitinjain am selling phpfox licsense only not a domain , you need to get your own domain. The phpfox is still available for sale anyone interested pm or comment here
  6. make me an offer, if the offer is good i sell it for you, i dont need 2nd phpfox again
  7. SupportUpgrades expired sept 2012 expired Dec 6 2012 bought it 299$+ 49$ Branding Removal. make me an offer if your offer is good i sell it for you cos i dont need it
  8. am selling my abk-soft licensed limited edition demo http://mixer.abk-soft.com/ what you will get access to members/ support area you can confirm from abk-soft before any payment pm if interested also i have phpfox too
  9. phpfox Community Branding Removal for sale i have two licenses but selling 1, if your are interested pm
  10. I have a ILANCE .COM license with store addon mods demo at http://www.ilance.com/demo/ icense Tier per server Starter C$497 Stores mods C$199 total$ 696 what you will get is ilance member login details best offer please .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 2, I have a ABK-SOFT.COM license MIXER!! Community Software DEMO http://mixer.abk-soft.com/ i bought it $997 but never be used for more details about the software visit http://abk-soft.com/ i need a reasonable best offer no time waster please
  11. am looking for phpfox license with unbranded, if anyone have please pm ,am willing to pay 120 to 160$, . this is urgent, pm with your license details, i will only pay after comfirmation from phpfox

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