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  1. Looking to buy a Vbulletin 5 Connect License for $100 with transfer included. I will buy only from proven sellers or more known people on this board, i just joined here and already got scammed previously(https://extralicense.com/threads/vbulletin-5-connect.3994/). I'll pay through paypal.
  2. I beat you to it and mailed them yesterday. Thusfar no reply. Hope ill get my money back :s..
  3. He was online just now and did not respond to either the topic or my PM. Should i dispute the paypal case?
  4. We are passed 72 hours now and i still have not received anything from vbulletin or no update from you.. Can you update on the matter please.
  5. Havent received anything thusfar. Do you have a screenshot on the contact with sales@.. to ease my mind please?
  6. Alright hoping this isnt a scam . If not thanks alot !
  7. Paid! Do i need a vbulletin.org account before your able to transfer or just my email would suffice?
  8. I'll pay you in 1min, i'll include my email through the paypal payment.
  9. Hello, apparently i cannot send any PMs to you, probably since i'm new(joined to purchase your license). Can you send it here? To confirm the $90 includes the transfer fee correct? Can you send me your paypal if so(with the screenshot). Thanks
  10. Hello I'm willing to offer your asking price. Can you confirm that with this transfer i can also use any previous versions of vbulletin? Can i pay you through paypal?

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