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  1. Every forum like this, which has a sales section, should in good conscience, have a warning up about Vbulletin 5. May seem a little over the top to some, but the software isn't fit for purpose and people should be warned before being burned, which they are daily I'd imagine.
  2. Hi Nelly Thanks for the insight. You'd think that Paypal would go after the scammer for lost funds, rather than punishing the loyal customer The debt should be passed onto the scammer, but I guess it's easier and cheaper, just to threaten and close loyal customer accounts.
  3. AdamD

    nginx Error

    Yea, it was popping up with every quick reply I tried to make The page didn't refresh, so it looked like the post wasn't made, but infact it was, hence the double posting.
  4. What about IPB? I'd imagine they got quite a lot of new sales from the VB4 and now VB5 fiasco.
  5. Stuck with php 5.3 right now, because Vbulletin (the supposed "Commercial" software), hasn't been updated to work with PHP 5.4, despite being requested for a year.
  6. AdamD

    vBulletin 5

    For god sake don't waste money on VB5, heh At least until it's been out for a year or more.
  7. I think the fact he only accepts gifts/service payments, is a warning sign in itself.
  8. I would avoid, he was also offering me a perpetual invision license via PM, somewhat rare to get these days All for a bargain price, if I sent the cash via paypal as a GIFT or Service.
  9. Well, they haven't closed my account From memory, if a chargeback occurs, they take it from the scammers paypal account or bank.
  10. Yep, looks like I won, I see the reversal on my credit card statement. 25/11/2012 04/01/2013 PURCHASE ADJUSTMENT £35.40
  11. He/she/it had 10 days to reply.
  12. Racksrv's OpenVZ #6 plan, their server is extremely fast/under utilized I pay about £30 a month.

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