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  1. sold. He cooperated a lot after skrill is not his preferred method. Thanks a lot for efforts.
  2. recieved advance as scheduled skrill payment. License reserved.
  3. i dont accept paypal since my old paypal account was limited due to scam chargebacks, i cant create duplicate account. So only accepting neteller and skrill.
  4. still up for the sale the special price is still valid for next 12 hrs. note : payment option can be neteller, skrill and btc only.
  5. neteller or skrill : sanjaykumarsingh7007@gmail.com mail me the transaction details and i will send the credentials instantly. I will check mail after 2 hrs from now. This includes transfer fee but you have to send full $70.00usd.
  6. my offer for today only. $70.00 only. Pay via skrill or neteller and get credentials instantly. If want i can do the transfer process via teamviewer too. Pm me or mail me asap to crack the deal. Iam in urgent need.
  7. you said bro the deal is on and suddenly vanished? didnt heard from you till thursday. mail me up once back.
  8. hate such people what they got with this? File dispute next time you buy any license ask for credentials as soon you pay or go with teamviewer for transfer process.
  9. ask vbulletin support if they recieved ownership transfer request of the above mentioned license details.

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