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  1. I'm sorry, it was a question of me if it's allowed to change the owner multiple times or only time like in Xenforos TOS. You answered it. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I suggest to keep scammers banned but make it able to view their profiles so we can search for similarities between a suspicious user here or on other sites and already banned scammer.
  3. Hey, the EU has a new law which prevents software from being not allowed to be sold to someone else. Xenforo licenses can be transfered only one time and then not again. So if I buy a second hand license and want to sell it again I'm not able to. Is this EU law fighting against this TOS clause too or is it unrelated to this scenario?
  4. I have found a license. This thread can be closed.
  5. He didn't reply to me too and he was online already. I think it's gone.
  6. Hi, I want to buy a Xenforo license for the price of 70$. Please send me your offers! Thanks!
  7. Hello. I like this forum and I like the users here (excluding scammers ) but I have a suggestion which every forum like this should consider: Do not allow to sell spammer software or the advertising of spammer sites. I saw a guy who sells his s***box license here and I dislike all those tools because these are the spammer who makes anti spam tools and captchas necessary. Please ban those kind of software from this forum!
  8. Why no option for 'straight Nginx'?
  9. @Svoboda Please provide a way of verification that you have this license.
  10. I'm offering 80-90$. Do you can provide an fresh screenshot from the new customer area?
  11. Hey, I'm searching for a vbulletin 4.2 suite license. It must be transferable and I'm paying via Paypal. Please tell me your price and provide me with a proof about your license. Thanks.

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