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  1. I know it's late now to reply, but it always makes me sad when this date comes up. It hurts me deeply too, because I was out in NYC going to school/college by Bryant Park... and came back to hometown in PA two weeks before it happened, cause my son had eye surgery. So it was very emotion day because of son's eye surgery, and whilst at hospital waiting room, seeing about the Towers on the news. It still saddens me, thinking of all those lives lost.. Forever remembered. <3
  2. vVv

    XenForo license...

    Nope, I had wonderful help.. I heard that too though, but apparently they changed their act lol. Me and this Gabby from XF support, were going to both do an English speaking support forum FOR them before... But he said, well we could do that... But it might interfere with their support site.. cause people get the impression they lack English support there, when really they don't lack it. Just most English speakers use Ticket support instead of their support forums. But I had no bad responses from them when asking for help lol. They even gave me discount on BB3 license because they knew I was short a few bucks to get it. Then switched it back to normal price without discount once they knew I had payment go through and I was "In". lol
  3. vVv

    XenForo license...

    just got word, they plan to go beta Jan 2013.. for Burning Board 4, and then however long it take to go gold.. working out kinks or bugs or what not.
  4. vVv

    XenForo license...

    haha.. xD im talking to that guy in PM now over on his site.. that Albert Alexander developer lol. Wanting my Burning Board 3 license, just elevated to Burning Board 4 license when BB4 is out on market, since i'm not using Burning Board 3 software anyway... lmfao. But I don't think he'll do it.. ... I'm just done and tired of the XF drama BS.
  5. vVv

    XenForo license...

    Nah, no deals of mine went down here... It was through AIM messenger / privately... and straight traded on XenForo site and vBulletin site. The dude and I were in AIM messenger, and we swapped license access information. Member access area information .. username / password.. well.. email / password informations.. for me to get into the License area on XenForo.com to take over his license. And then I gave him my customer number/email address and password for Members area on vbulletin.com. About Burning Board 4.. here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/someone-really-likes-xenforo.34526/
  6. Been thinking lately about selling off the XF license to wait on the upcoming Burning Board 4 license.. tired of what's been going on lately at XF support. >_<. Probably looking for at least 60 for it. Cause I heard upgrade is at least 49.99 for burning board 4 license then. However, no paypal.. only moneybookers and not sure if Burning Board even takes Moneybookers.. so I'd have to some how send it to bank from moneybookers, then transfer to virtual visa card.. ugh. i hate this crap. i'm screwed in every hole possible and still no enjoyment.
  7. If it's ZERO to buyer, then they'll be happier to just buy the license full retail then? Right? ... Right... So rather than be happy getting a 195.00 license for near nothing at all...They'll make a stink of it... My license wasn't second handed either, it was mine alone since I bought it. They might not know this though, but it's true. The whole.. slap to face/ cheapskate talk, is basically just me being smart arse because when I used to sell my web designs, to me, and the time it took for me to create the designs, for them to constantly low-ball me in pricing . basically saying my hard work isn't worth a crap, and should be priced TO THEIR pricing standards... IS a slap to face and I called them cheap skates, because after spending days / weeks / hard efforts on the designs, to get low-ball offers immediately.. its insulting to me. To me, it's worth 80.00 or 100.00 but then to get 30.00 offers is insulting. I shouldn't have used that talk about this matter though I guess.. My bad. Sellers have that right though man... It's like my pap and him saving all this stuff I usually call "junk". To him, it's not junk stuff. To him, it's money... even if it's seriously really garbage.. He sees value to everything and anything he saves/collects/hoards. But if you're not happy paying only merely 90.00 for a 195.00 license even if it were second handed.. go off to vBulletin and pay full prices for it.. shrug. If I were shopping and finding licenses that I really want / needed and found one listed for only 90.00... I'd be grateful and happy.. and not trying to bargain basket shop it down to zero dollars like an ungrateful cheap skate lol. I'd snatch that license right up like no tomorrow... rather than pay 195.00 for same exact item on vbulletin. But human nature says... "if it's not free .. then it's not worth it"
  8. i dont know why you're trying to be condescending to me though, but yes i know what it means...Whatever the persons believes it to be worth, and what it's sold for... if the "shopper" don't like it, tough tiddlywinks. I ain't looking to have some huge argument with you on here, all day, every day about this... I just saying it's BS though that people / cheap skates can try and get whatever they can for nothing at all, when the buyer pays arms n legs worth originally. It is slap to face though, because THEY weren't the ones paying the 195.00 to start with, nor any other fees or charges for whatever other items you might have purchased before. So if you bought a mansion for 1,000,000 and tried selling it next day... I'll come up and say, RESALE VALUE IS 100 buck!! Here's a check!! And you say... "okay, thank you!!" and be happy with it... NOT. Don't see that happening.. it's slap to face/insult to you. But anyway, I could charge 190.00 and say.. hey, it's 5.00 cheaper than if YOU went and directly paid for it on vbulletin!! Be happy it's 5.00 less than what I paid.. It's my resale value. http://www.investorwords.com/6641/resale_value.html "The trade value of a good that has already been purchased. If the holder of the good wishes to resell the good to another party, this would be the amount of money that could be expected to be made from the transaction."
  9. How does it have zero resale value though...Instead of the person paying 195.00 directly to vBulletin, you're getting it super cheap and it's the same exact item / function to it? People shouldn't be buying used licenses then, and just pay out of pocket 195.00, 250.00, and etc directly with vBulletin then... I mean, if I sell my license for 90.00 and transferred the license to the next guy.. it IS a legit license, it doesn't expire at all (saving the next guy money that he don't have to pay out of pocket new)... The license is doing it's purpose, used or new... just when it's used it's cheaper rate than new rate. The whole, used car analogy wasn't right though really.. because with cars, they do break down, need new parts which makes buyer invest even more money... where as license doesn't break down, needing repaired.. It's digital, it's legit, it's still functioning as if it were bought directly from vBulletin.com new at 195.00..
  10. Looking to trade my vBulletin 4.x.x license that never expires ever for an XenForo license... vBulletin 4.x Forum Only License, which also covers for vB3 as well. No expiring date.
  11. I'll take paypal payment for it... just sucks, because i can't shop online then with it.. gotta transfer it to bank.. i need this sold!!
  12. if someone could load like two entropay VCC cards.. send me both card's informations and me load my card from those two you made.. it should work... entropay.com. just load one card with 70.00 and the other card with like 35.00 to cover any "hidden fees" ... then give me VCC number / valid from and expire date.. the security digits... and i'll try funding my card from those two cards made... if it goes through and i can get the money.. i'll pass the vbulletin license off in minutes. if it can't be loaded.. then you'll just have two VCC cards for your own personal use online any where to use like normal credit card... shrug of course if the two cards work, and i get the 90.00.. you can destroy those cards and then just make new ones and load later for your own uses as well.
  13. We're at stand still, because currently USA / EU laws are being handled, which renders uploading funds to USA account holders.. impossible... I'm not sure how to get the money now.. My paypal accounts are perm-limited too..
  14. hello, currently Ricky is in the process of "sending funds" to me. I'm not sure how it's working out for him haha. His first time using Moneybookers apparently If the sale doesn't go through, then I'll let everyone know, and it should be open again for selling.
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