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  1. Like in the picture it is a lifetime license man and make me an offer I would prefer at least $100 hit me up!!
  2. Offer me and I bought it like I said I thought I was gonna have 2 sites to sell my products but I just stuck with the one.
  3. I never used this one as I thought I was gonna make 2 sites for my company but plans changed. Here is proof of license. http://prntscr.com/1x361g I rather payments be in bitcoin I am trying to invest as much as I can into them. If you can't do bitcoin I am sure we can work something out. I have no set price just offer me really.
  4. i sent Adam a screenshot my fault i totally forgot to send you one
  5. license expires in april 26th, 2014 i will sell it for $35 on paypal i really need cash that's why it so cheap so pm me!!
  6. license expires in april 26th i'm looking for an IPB licenseas soon as possible.
  7. Xeforo doesn't have keys you just associate it with the url of your choice.

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