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  1. 1) which country do u belong sir...if you are using google mail then i guess i wont be able to login into the mail from my country... 2) the license you are mentioning ...is it the full version license 3) how about u gimme the license ..i see if everything is perfect then i make the payment...is that fine with you
  2. sorry was busy yesterday...i spoke to admin of this website and he told me that the transaction will become illegal if the social engine guys comes to know if there is license transfer http://prntscr.com/dbip7v
  3. i did not understand what u told me but i was offering u 150$ and yes scoial engine says that we cannot transfer license and if they come to know license is transferred then they revoke the license...
  4. can u finalize for 150$ ..can this license be transferable
  5. i have purchased SEaddons complete package and also i have comet chat aswell....hence i would like to buy only Social engine script.....are you interested in selling only the social engine script
  6. iam new to this place ..can you please guide me how to purchase a license ...how can i know the product is genuine ...

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    2. vandana


      i was looking for social engine script which is being sold here

    3. Dan


      Technically speaking, Social engine licenses aren't legally able to be transferred. The only way to protect yourself is to buy direct from them.

    4. vandana


      thanks for the suggestion

  7. 1) can u please let me know the list of plugins you have from socialengine addons and hire experts 2) also would like to know your offer price 3) do i get the access for latest downloads of social engine, when did u purchase the product
  8. do u still have the license...didnt any answer for my previous question
  9. i offer 100$ how are you going to transfer as transferring has stopped in moxi..the only option is given the email account where the license account holds

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