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  1. Hello.. yes my license available still.. 60$ not including trans fee if u wanna trans it
  2. Nope,, it doesn't including the trans fee
  3. sorry been afk for a while, yes it is available still @rohramanish
  4. bought it from https://www.vbulletin.com
  5. selling vb 5 connects for 80$ " paypal "
  6. hello i have vb 5 connects license selling it for 80$ Only ( PayPal )
  7. New Price, I would sell it for 80$ !
  8. I purchased it like couple months ago.. and yes i can transfer it.. the fee is 45$ i guess
  9. hello guys i wanna sell my vBulletin 5 Connect license for 100$ via paypal, i'm the original owner I never sold something like this before.. so feel free to ask any info u want.

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