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  1. If sold within the next 24hours I sell it for $100 - non-negotiable -. If not sold within the next 24 hours, the old price applies.
  2. Dear Folks, I am selling my IPB license because I didnt used it ever. It is the standard license for an Invision Power Board. I recently reactivated it for the $25 fee, so next renewal date is 01 Mar 2014 (again $25 for further updates, support, ect.) About Invision Power Board Renewal fee (FYI): It is able to be legally transferred (costs a $20 fee) as the license is old enough to be transferred. My price: $25 Renewal fee, just paid 2 days ago and already reactivated. $20 Transfer fee $80 = $125 instead of paying $175. You save $50 bucks on this deal. Grab it while its hot - only one available.
  3. Sorry that would be not good for the guy who is buyiny my license as I would take the account into risk.
  4. I did not hold anything and will nit sell it for 10 haha. i thinks he wantsme to call out as a scammer in a sarcastic way or so... Not sure if I got it right. it is still available for you Chili...
  5. Thanks for that! Just decided to give this package away for $190 - that $59 below the official price - just a few days old + vbsocial as bonus!
  6. I am very interested and throwing in a vb5 license for lifetime + bonus.
  7. hi there, buy mistake from a buying mood I went on a shopping spree and bought the new vBulletin5 (includes 4.2 and former versions as they changed their license structure) as well as a the package of vbsocial.com. I would sell you those all in a package. You get my login credentials on both sites. vbsocial is bought for this month, so you can log in download all and the updates from this month. After a month the access will be closed but you are allowed to use it all further. Everything has been bought just 2 days ago. Just hit me up with your offer - everything legit and legal!
  8. Welcome subster

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