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  1. Where is the 3 licenses? I see only 2, forumrunner is not a license it comes with vb4.
  2. Hello, got the reply and the license is valid and here is what they say you have to do.. "If you are purchasing a secondhand license, then the current owner of the license needs to put in a ticket requesting it to be transferred. Once we get all the correct information from the seller, we will contact you requesting you to approve the transfer."
  3. No you never, hear is the reply from them about your license.. Hello, MC032F5DD3A1 is NOT a valid vBulletin license. It looked more like a customer number, but it is not a valid customer number either. If the license was purchased from vBulletin-Germany then we cannot check the license status but it can't be transferred from us if it was. Please read this post before purchasing a 2nd hand license - http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-sales-and-feedback/vbulletin-pre-sales-questions/415443-important-read-before-purchasing?p=3130350#post3130350
  4. I have a question, where did you purchase the license?
  5. I am interested.. please send me your customer number via PM so I can check with vbulletin
  6. Like I said in my PM's to you, would need your customer number to be able to check your license. Nobody is going to pay before you will give any info on the license.
  7. No license could be found with that token.
  8. I will buy for 130$ if you pay the transfer fee

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