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  1. Hello, do you still need the Pro PHPFOX LICENSE ?

  2. Posted on the commmunity forum dona (data66) replied NO transfer allowed. You may go there and check out
  3. If allow and price is right i m keen to explore for sure.
  4. Dont see any setting at client area. only new option is to check the keys
  5. this is wat i saw from their community forum
  6. think they do not allow transfer any more. you may have to check with them. so meaning u might have to sell all to 1 person and transfer the account login details to him. i m looking to buy but 5 its too much for my usage
  7. TravePac posted a new classified: [plain]WTS PHPFOX 4[/plain] PHPFOX 4 Read more about the classified...
  8. hello do you want the module ? social login

  9. so u keen to sell? ask you a few time also dont reply