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  1. Title says it all. I want to buy all your vBulletin forum license v4.0 Please PM me your cheapest prices. If its over my budget, I won't even consider. I am starting a new project. thank you
  2. Hi Rngr223, I too am looking for VB licenses Good luck!
  3. Adsense will be good for the long run, but I wouldn't recommend it. I don't know how you guys keep up with all these! My account gets ban after 5-10 days I add the codes to my site. I don't know why. So I have sticked to selling advertising manually instead.
  4. Personal mail? You mean PC? OK, sending you a message now. thanks
  5. So about 1 year before expiration... I will be willing to buy if its much cheaper.
  6. A little too ex if you ask me. And when's the expiry date?

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