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  1. Got one going on 7 years...Still as fast and good as when i bought it...Before I got the Mac I was buying Windows machines every 3 or 4 years...The junk is a Windows machine especially if you like buying a new computer every 3 or 4 years. But all that said you can get a bad one in any of them....
  2. Phil

    Need Xenforo

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    Looking to buy a Xenforo license. Do not need the bells and whistles just a plain license. Thanks for looking.


  3. Phil

    Need Xenforo

    Need Xenforo View Advert Looking to buy a Xenforo license. Do not need the bells and whistles just a plain license. Thanks for looking. Advertiser Phil Date 03/03/2020 Price Category XenForo  
  4. I know I don't pay you the $45..It's just I only have the $70 for the license I was not prepared for the extra $45.
  5. Thats alright..Not going to pay $45 for something that only takes them a few minutes to do...Good luck with it.
  6. What made you switch to IPB from Kidforo?
  7. So your wanting $90 and the buyer pays the $75 renewal fee is that it?
  8. Why are you selling them separate? If you buy Vb5 you have access to Vb4...
  9. Phil submitted a new listing: [plain]Xenforo[/plain] - [plain]Xenforo[/plain] Learn more about this listing...
  10. I will buy it for $82...Let me know through PM. I work so it will be after 5PM today before I can be contacted...Thats Eastern Standard Time.
  11. This classified has been marked as sold and cannot be reopened. Don't forget to leave each other Feedback

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