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  1. I can sell you a vBulletin 5 Connect with 4.x and 3.x included for 100$ Paypal. If you're interesed contact me here or skype: lighterx96
  2. The transaction betweens us it's done! The seller it's really trustful and polite,a positive feedback from me!
  3. There is a transaction fee? I can pay 100 bucks with or without fees. (If any fees are included in the 100$)
  4. Well nobody is offering and seeing there is the 5 now i'll offer 20 bucks
  5. Nevermind i've just seen that if it's new the first transfer it's free,so no fee. 110$
  6. There is a transaction fee for vBulletin licenses,that's 45$ If i pay that will be 65$ for the license and 45$ for the transaction fee. Or 110$ and you pay the fee,which is the same...
  7. I can pay 110$ w/o the fee. Contact me on skype if interesed: lighterx96
  8. I can offer 110$ w/o the transaction fee,so all i can give you is 110$ paypal and instantly. Contact me on skype : lighterx96
  9. If you bought it yesterday you need to wait 90 days i guess... Anyway i can buy it for 110$ but i don't pay the transaction fee. Contact me on skype : lighterx96

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