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  1. There's no unlimited support and upgrade. Support is given free for a limited period of time and upgrade is given throughout the current version. You have to pay thereafter.
  2. What I meant by fresh is that it's bought directly from phpfox with no hassle of changing ownership and running any sort of risk. Besides, Taylor is not selling his license for less than $375. I bought a license already, fresh off course, yet I might want to buy another license, so my offer to you Kamov is still valid with the same price.
  3. Actually, I have more than 10% discount. Even with no discount I would rather buy a fresh and hassle free license if the difference is $50 only.
  4. As I said I have an option to buy a fresh license at a good deal. I know u guys spent a lot of money and time buying and developing the license you bought and I hate to see you let it all go but you also need to consider the situation. Off course you have an option to hold on to your license until another willing buyer comes about, but for now we negotiate a deal that's convenient for everyone given the current circumstances.
  5. I'm looking to buy Phpfox Ultimate license.Extra add ons, modules, themes will be an advantage. Please show me your best offers.
  6. Please PM with your best price. I need to evaluate all options.
  7. Kamov, $650 is not possible for me as I think I'll pay mox9 $499 for a fresh license and I'm likely to pay another $200 for some add-ons. Thank you for your time and good luck:)
  8. Kamov, Kindly edit your original post to cater for the newly revealed facts as there's no lifetime upgrade and support and license can't be legally transferred. As I said, I'm interested but at the right terms and price. I still don't know whether moxi allows users to change emials and whether a license that was initially associated with one domain name can be transferred to another domain name. I also need to know how ownership actually changes, do I make payment before then you send credentials or the other way around. What if moxi blocks the license for any reason or denies providi
  9. 1. is your phpfox licensefor lifetime? 2.Does it have any upgrade? 3. does phpfox allow transfer of licnese? 4. If we agree to a price, how are we going to secure our interest?
  10. I'm very new here so I might be asking some naive questions. I'm very much interested in buying the ultimate phpfox license but I need to understand the following: 1. isn't every phpfox license purchased through moxi9/phpfox for lifetime? are there licenses that have limited duration 2.is there such thing as unlimited/lifetime support and upgrade? 3. does phpfox allow transfer of licnese? 4. if I agree with kamov at a price, how is the transaction be conducted? who products the right of both parties?

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