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  1. So since I haven't sold it yet, I'm lowering the price to 300$. That's my very lowest.
  2. So since I haven't sold it yet, I'm lowering the price to 300$. That's my very lowest.
  3. Someone seriously needs to buy this license, please.
  4. For those that didn't see it in the other thread. I've lowered my price to 350$. Remember this license typically sells for 499. So do yourself a favor and save some money.
  5. If you don't mind telling me, what version and for what price. Thanks!
  6. If it's just 25$ that's keeping you and me from making a deal then I'll go down to 350$
  7. Already one unsuccessful transaction and I bet this will be number 2.
  8. That makes my license just as valuable as it sells for on their site. I only want 375$. You just won't get the 30 day start-up support.
  9. But, didn't you find out in the thread where someone was trying to sell a Lifetime License that they can't be transferred?
  10. Yes, that's correct. I mentioned that in the thread of where I'm selling my license. Sara also wrote this about upgrades, but I'm just now sharing it. (See Quoted Text) "At this time, if we make a V5, the plan is to give current clients a discount to purchase a license upgrade to that version. It would not include our technicians performing the upgrade. It would only include the V5 license version to be added to the download list for the client."
  11. I'll lower the price to $375. Will that work for you?
  12. That's what I'm trying to find out from you. How did you obtain a discount of more than 10%?

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