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  1. great to be back!

  2. WenM

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, Dan! It's still New Years day here! Every success to you this year!
  3. Hi Dan, and member's just to wish you all a lovely Christmas where ever you are...is it snowing where you live atm?
  4. Hi Dan, you can archive or delete this thread now. Thanks, Nenad!
  5. just been informed from Ozzy47 @http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com saying:
  6. care to explain to others, as they just might be a little confused as to why it isn't your fault?
  7. Nenad, is cooperating, and he's assured me that the remaining funds will be refunded tomorrow...it's all such a shame really as it's caused me alot of stress! All I can say is to anyone looking at getting a third party license is, make sure the vB license is over 3 months old before purchasing it, as Bank Charge Backs can be done for up to 3 months from date of purchase...just like this instance!
  8. there's an issue with this license due to a 'Charge back' ...what's this about, Nenad? vBulletin have suspended the vB license! This guy has SCAMMED me!
  9. Hi Can you kindly leave me Feedback on this sale, please? btw, are you a footballer?
  10. would be nice to have a cute button to click instead of a link!
  11. I guess you mean any forum platform db such as vB, IPB, phpBB etc?
  12. fyi, the going rate for a used XF license with up to 6 months support left is around $85 ; with GOLD to be released shortly, very few used licenses are around atm!
  13. Kirk

    Replied Again :)

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