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  1. $130 for everything, including the transfer fee. This is the lowest I'll go. No more no less. $130 gets the package
  2. Selling it for $140 including the transfer fee ($120 + $20).
  3. I do not need a need a valid lifetime vBulletin License
  4. Renewal is $50, i believe you can deactivate, indeed, I did not use ip content and I can still use it in the future if i reactivate it. Same with other features but I am not 100% sure. It won't cost you more than $50 every six months for sure to keep your core active
  5. IPS Community Suite, IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Chat: 50 User Limit have an active license. No reactivation fee is required
  6. Well I'll sell it for $150. This is my lowest price. Anyone interested please PM. I will transfer everything i bought with it
  7. Sorry I have just been very busy so I could not reply to messages. I have just noticed that there I bought several addons and hooks. Aside the IP.Board, Reactivate: IP.Gallery, Reactivate: IP.Chat this bundle also includes the IP.Content which cost me $50 and a video gallery add on that i bought for $37. IP Content needs renewal which costs $15. The initial core bundle is active and does not need to be renewed until April. A bunch of addons and hooks that I bought and will transfer too if possible, I will transfer the buyer my devfuse account (where i bought my hooks and add ons so that
  8. I am selling my IP board license, this is the original order Merchant: Invision Power Services Description: IPS Community Suite, IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Chat: 50 User Limit Total: US $242.25 Last time I renewed it it was on october 15th IP.Board, Reactivate: IP.Gallery, Reactivate: IP.Chat: 50 User Limit I am selling it for $140 + transfer fee (total $160). I will provide with all the documentation before we do the transaction. I had a popular football forum but I shut it down 2 months ago

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