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  1. I got your info. I am going to log into my member backoffice and change the domain over to your domain and also have phpfox transfer the license over to you using your emial address. Will get back to your soon.
  2. Here is the info. 1) PHP Fox License ID: 8624C96B37F42B33DA69726A68924C08 2) Gregory A. Ward, Sr. 3) admin@qiksocial.com 4) admin@qiksocial.com
  3. That's no problem. I can provide you with the needed information after you've made the decision to buy the license from me.
  4. Thanks for getting back with me. If you want to contact me via phone my number is: 757-921-4415 ( Gregory A. Ward, Sr. ) My email address is: gregory@gregoryawardsr.com. As mentioned before I purchased the license in early February of 2012 ( almost 3 years now ) . Let me know when you are ready to do the transfer as you will need a domain name for me to transfer the license.
  5. I no longer need my phpFox license anymore and want to sell it. I have been a owner for 3 years and have branding removal as a part of my community license. Includes Full Community Version - $299 Includes Branding Removal - $49 My selling price is $150.00 firm. Does not include website...JUST THE LICENSE You will be able to switch it to your domain once given username and password to phpfox.com account.

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