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  1. kamov posted a new classified: [plain]5 PHPfox License and 10+ Addons[/plain] I am selling 5 PHPfox License and 10+ Addons Read more about the classified...
  2. kamov posted a new classified: [plain]AdvertPro self-hosted[/plain] advertpro Read more about the classified...
  3. data66 is not reliable person. Trust me. If you really want this license, I can transfer to you. Give me a chance to probe that she is wrong. I also checked that there is a way to change email adddress, you just sent to them a request. How many license you need? I can give a special price for you. NOTE: I am doing a favour to a friend who are selling this license. So I need to discuss with him for a deal. Depend how many license you need. He have also different phpfox addons.
  4. I write already about Europe Law here: Phpfox Lifetime License Discussion
  5. @TravePac, They are based in Europe and I am also in Europe, so we are under Europe Law. And Europe Law said that you need to give RIGHT to customer to transfer a license of a SOFTWARE. So don't worry, I will guarantee to transfer to you all license. If you are interested, we can continue discuss about via skype.
  6. @TravePac Seagal have right. Are you interested?
  7. kamov posted a new classified: [plain]5 PHPFOX LICENSE[/plain] phpfox license Read more about the classified...
  8. kamov posted a new classified: [plain]PHPFOX LIFETIME LICENSE[/plain] phpfox lifetime license Read more about the classified...
  9. wow 100$ .... price always lower and lower for phpfox... We lack a little you will spend on giving it away
  10. sorry for late reply. I am still selling, 50% of original cost is max discount that I can do
  11. I am trying to sell my lifetime license but no chance... now is many months
  12. Lifetime phpfox license, unlimited support and unlimited upgrade still available.
  13. Hi Drastic, I think to know you.... no one seem want anymore phpfox license....

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