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  1. All licenses sold, thread can be closed. Thanks.
  2. Transfer of second license initiated. Will update when complete.
  3. Hi, yes you can get the latest version of the forum and gallery. Dec 29 is when access to support and updates stops. You can renew this access for another year either on that date or afterwards. Not sure if I can start a conversation with you, will give it a try now.
  4. Would like to move this on sooner rather than later, price drop to $150.
  5. geebee posted a new classified: [plain]Selling Roboscripts Adult Webcam Builder Script[/plain] Roboscripts adult webcam script for sale Read more about the classified...
  6. Transfer completed on the forum only license. Only forum + XFMG left @ $165 expires 29th December 2019
  7. The transfer for the forum only has been initiated so only the forum license plus XFMG remains available.
  8. geebee posted a new classified: [plain]Selling Xenforo[/plain] Two XF licenses for sale Read more about the classified...
  9. I have a license + media gallery going spare. I will need to renew it, so you will get a full 12 month’s support and you will have access to XF2.
  10. No. Licenses can be sold once only free of charge. After that they cannot be resold. You can check whether a license is eligible for transfer by asking the seller for the license key - guidelines here: How Do I know the person selling a XenForo License actually has a license?
  11. I'm not keen on having a profile full of detail either. He's offered to use the middleman service, what more do you need?
  12. Sniffin' around...

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