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  1. This sale is now concluded. I wish to leave the seller positive feedback and this forum should be moved to the Completed Sale section.
  2. Thank you trewq34. - Still in limbo. Seller has asked me to reference his ticket within mine.
  3. Hi Erin, You are not able to transfer marketplace purchases Those are non-transferable unfortunately.
  4. Hello everyone, I contacted the seller above and we both agreed on a total purchase price. The sale / transaction is still pending because I sent payment (PP 7-19-15) but have not received anything as of today 7-21-15. If this sale falls through this would be the SECOND time I was scammed on Extra License. Hopefully by the afternoon I will have something positive to say.
  5. I added you as a friend, I was unable to message you unless
  6. Caviled, I'll take this from you Let me know your available hours ?
  7. Hi Jack. It would be wise to connect with old verified members, but how many of them are selling IPB ?
  8. Receipt Sender Recipient Brandon GameHacks GHGameHacks@gmail.com Funds will be available to your recipient on or before: Nov 17, 2014 Note: The recipient can send or spend the full amount on this date. If the recipient wishes to withdraw money, limits may apply. Description Amount Payment amount (in currency funded): $70.00 USD Your total charge: $70.00 USD Payment amount: $70.00 USD GameHacks's fees: $3.03 USD GameHacks will receive:: $70.00 USD Need to cancel? You can cancel your payment within 30 minutes as long as the recipient hasn't received the payment. For a full re
  9. Sheders, Hello fine sir. I contacted this fella via skype and sent him 70 USD paypal for his IPB license. Unfortunately I do not believe this man has any intentions of selling it as I have received no confirmation or email regarding it. After I submitted payment he informed me he was waiting on IPB approval, I then submitted a ticket to IPB ( I'm a current customer) and they informed me more than likely its a scam. I provided IPBs support manager this guys contact email and domain that he uses to host his license and this was her response. Hello, the license on that
  10. Hello, Please add me to skype : bcherup The user selling the IPBOARD for 60 is a scammer. I feel for his trick and was scammed. I currently use IPB hosting and they informed me he was scamming me.

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