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  1. This is still available, and now at a reduced and final rate of $100. Just to finalize things I'm not looking for trades of any sort. Thank in advance!
  2. I have been trying to buy a license for a couple days im interested in the one you have

  3. Do you still have the vb license for sale

  4. Whoops posted this in the wrong thread. - Please delete / ignore / whatever.
  5. I do have a very old IP3 Perpetual Suite Liscense that was purchased with a LIFE (Lifetime) license I no longer use and most of the extras have long since expired, however, you can download the forum. You can also choose to renew the forum using their new renewal structure for no cost as explained with this image taken from the lisence page:
  6. Since this thing isn't moving at all, I can follow suit and go with a price of $130.
  7. After reviewing various other offers and past sales, the price has been lowered to $185. I might still be able to wiggle slightly lower, but not too terribly much, post or PM with any offer.
  8. Hello everyone, during a site upgrade we purchased the Suite to use as a back-end for the site, however, it proved to not quite be what we needed, and have long since moved on. So I have a vBulletin Suite Lifetime License with the Branding Free option for sale and asking $100. To Review: Item: vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite + Branding Free Option w/ Lifetime License Asking Price: $100 USD Method of Payment: Paypal Preferred (Open to other methods if necessary.) Contact: PM

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