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  1. You can make an offer in this thread. No need for a PM. This is an all in one package. You get everything. Price is $250.
  2. Sorry. I need to close this. I'm just not interested in selling them individually. With transfer fees, etc......... I would rather just sell the lot, hand over the account to someone and be done with it. Thanks though.
  3. lmao. Nice choice. I just purchased 4 XF license with resources and enhanced search on all of them. Now I have 4 useless vBulletin licenses I need to get rid of lol.
  4. I know your wanting to sell but I have to ask anyways. Might you have a need for any vBulletin Licenses?
  5. Sorry. Current offer by EL member is at $250. This listing going over to DP later Tonight. Just wanted to offer it up on a new site first. I like EL.
  6. Back for sale. Price was agreed upon, invoice sent, and haven't heard back from them since. 4 license and vbSocial account. Make an offer.
  7. Still for sale. Purchase now and I'll throw in my vbsocial account which has almost 2 months left on it.

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