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  1. bos kasih reputasi juga dong

  2. Sorry you're little late, all licenses gone already
  3. Update 7 November 2014: 2 remaining licenses are currently pending transfer to 'mcloud'. Payment received.
  4. Update 11 October 2014: 1 License has been successfully transferred to ENO, transaction has been successfully completed as well. The remaining 2 licenses still available for sale.
  5. Forgot to mention the remaining 2 licenses still available for sale.
  6. 1 license sold to ENO, just now. Thanks for the smooth transaction ENO Awaiting all the required details from ENO and will request transfer to the vBulletin staff.
  7. If you buy 2 licenses, I'd sell it for US$125 per license. If you buy 3 licenses altogether, I'd sell it for US$120 per license. Please note: Paypal fees will be borne by buyer as well. @ENO, a few prospective buyers have also contacted me via private messaging, so first come first serve. Please keep in mind that you will need to provide me with your details as required by vBulletin to transfer the licenses such as below: - Full name - Full Address - Country - Telephone number - Billing address - Valid and working Email address And this statement from vBulletin sales staff "B
  8. kingkongnya bos bos

  9. After lodging a query to the vBulletin support, I just received the following reply from vBulletin: "There is a process to transfer your licenses. Please submit separate tickets for each license transfer request. In order to transfer your license we first need to verify that you are the proper license holder. Please respond to this ticket with the following information so that we can verify this request: - Your customer number - The authorization code generated when you enter your password into this page: http://members.vbulletin.com/authcode.php - The answer to the security question
  10. Hi thanks for your offer. I'm really hoping to get more than that maybe you could up your offer a bit more. In the meantime I'll wait a little longer and see if I can get better offer from other parties. I'll come back to you later if I get no offer from others.
  11. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade I'm selling one of my vBulletin Publishing Suite 4.x license, I bought 3 licenses (US$235 each license) back in October 2009 directly at Vbulletin.com thinking that I'd start a forum someday (I did try one forum but that didn't last long . So the 3 licenses have been sitting around unused since then. 2. When does it expire? Never expire. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes 4. Any Screenshots? Yes, please pm me (*tried to upload the screen shot in jpeg file to here but it kept failing). 5. How much are you selling for,

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