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  1. Bought the IPB License from you, then after a few weeks I received an email of a report from invisionpower that the license that was transferred is a stolen license and that ( they thought ) I stole it. after a long Convo with invisionpower they informed me that the transfer is fraudulent but they allowed it to be proceeded and for me to keep it. I do not know if you have reported it that it's stolen or if you have stolen it from someone and then reported or something but in the end I won over it with showing them all the records of what happened. I already have you blocked on Skype.
  2. Thank you, bought the IPB Lisence from Samboy!
  3. messaging on Skype maybe I can buy it
  4. I will buy it from you how do we contact for instant messaging I can add you on FB
  5. can i close /delete this topic because im getting one through from IPB
  6. Salue

    Thanks for the reply Dan! simple questions how do i know if the license is legit ? also once transferred he can't take it back ?

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    2. Dan


      Was the license not valid?

    3. Salue


      no the guy didnt even reply and i kept reading how like ppl can rip of ppl over a second hand lisence, said to myself i'd pay the extra 50 bucks so i dont get headache in getting my money back

    4. Dan


      good move ;)

  7. Salue

    Hey Dan i wanna buy this http://extralicense.com/threads/ipb-license-expired.2819/#post-12960 when i make the deal with him and he agrees do i like just send payment as for service of goods first? and thats it ?

    1. Dan


      to protect yourself you could send half now and send the other half when the license is transferred to you

  8. i would have bought but i need to pay renew + transfer i have like 110 USD as a limit buying it off you would cost me total of 150 bit over my budget >.<" good luck in your sale !
  9. I have sent you a message on Skype, I am interested .
  10. Hey guys I am looking to buy IPB forum 175 is a bit to much for me buy new looking for a good cheap deal

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