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  1. We have also added some HTML templates to our collection! View and purchase at http://websiteintegrations.com/html.php
  2. We are pleased to announce two new services to our lineup! We are now offering Forum Management and Website Maintenance Services! Forum Management We are offering our services to help you with managing and maintaining your forums. Big or small, From PHPBB to VBulletin, we can provide the experience to help keep your forums operational We have over 10 Years Experience operating and maintaining Forums! Our Forum Management Services include (but not limited to): Making sure your forum software is kept updated - including applying the latest patches We will make weekly backups of the forum database and store it offsite in a secure location. Helping to fight spam by not only keeping your forum free of spam messages but also taking preventive measures to help prevent the spam from appearing in the first place! Installing and maintaining Forum Mods/Hacks/Addons that will provide an even better experience for your forum members. Participate in forum discussions, including replying and starting new topics. Assist the moderating staff in enforcing the forum rules and policies. For more details and to order visit http://scriptinstallation.ca/forummanagement.php Website Maintenance Service Our Monthly Website Maintenance Package provides website owners assistance in updating content and scripts, help troubleshoot website issues, keep offsite backups of your content and more! We have over 10 Years Experience operating and maintaining Websites! Our Website Maintenance Services include (but not limited to): Site content changes and additions - removing and adding content (text and images). (Updates requested are generally completed within 24 hours!). We look for and fix broken links. We look for and replace broken images. We keep a weekly backup copy of your website - offsite in a secure location. Keep the scripts used in your site updated (such as wordpress, joomla, forum and billing software). For ecommerce sites we will assist in updating and removing products including descriptions and images. For more information and to order visit http://scriptinstallation.ca/websitemaintenance.php And of course, we are still the Industry Leader in Integration Services! Visit us today at http://websiteintegrations.com
  3. WebsiteIntegrations.Com is your one stop shop for all your Integration needs! We have been providing Integration services for over 10 Years - we can take your site design and create a matching theme for WHMCS, Hostbill, Blesta, Kayako, ClientExec,BoxBilling, SolusVM, Freelance Suite, VBulletin, PHPbb, IP.Board, MyBB, FluxBB, Wordpress, Flatpress, Coppermine, Gallery, 4Images, Vision Helpdesk, Hesk, Trellis Desk, TCAdmin, Multicraft and most any script! (Prices for those listed can be found here http://websiteintegrations.com ) Our integrations are made to match YOUR site (though we are offering premade themes for WHMCS and Blesta based on some popular themeforest templates) Premade WHMCS Themes : http://whmcsintegration.ca/premadewhmcs.php Premade Blesta Themes : http://blestaintegrations.com/premade.php Price Our prices vary depending on what you need. Check out our site or contact us for pricing information. If you need multiple integrations we can provide a discount. http://websiteintegrations.com What's New ★ We now offer Responsive Integrations for Wordpress,PHPBB and WHMCS! ★ We are now selling a number of premade WHMCS Themes based on templates from Themeforest which we find popular (based on integration requests). You can order them for less then our normal integration price at http://whmcsintegration.ca/premadewhmcs.php ★ We now also offer some premade discounted Blesta 3.2 Templates at http://blestaintegrations.com/premade.php ★ Blesta 3.2 Integrations (Bootstrap Theme/Responsive) now available! http://blestaintegrations.com/ ★ We Integrate ClientExec v5 - visit http://clientexecintegration.com/ ★ If you have responsive design - when ordering WHMCS Integration you now have the option to select a fully responsive WHMCS Integration! This includes a responsive orderform template as well! Order at http://whmcsintegration.ca Why Choose Us? ★ We are a professional integration provider and have been offering our services for more then 10 Years! ★ We don't take shortcuts! We copy all relevant files in your design and include them in the WHMCS Theme folder. Why? one reason is that if you secure your billing area with SSL and the content is not part of the theme then you will have 'dead' images or your order form will not show up as being secure. ★ Your data is safe and is not for sale! I've seen a few competing sites offered up for sale - would you want your data sold?! We have been operating for 10 years and have no plans to stop! ★ Integrations ARE our business. Unlike most of our competitors we are not a hosting company doing this as a side business - so you will not be funding your competition. We do not outsource any work to third-parties. Past Work Here is a sample of some of our past Integration work: WHMCS: https://ggservers.net/billing/ https://linkwayhosting.com/billing/ http://www.shoppepro.com/support/index.php http://billing.rofyhost.com/index.php Blesta: https://account.refindly.com/ http://www.maxi-vps.com/billing/ Find over 1000's More samples of our past Integrations @ https://www.facebook.com/Websiteintegrations/photos_stream Resell Our Services Join our growing family of resellers and earn money reselling our services! We provide white-labeled services to web hosting companies, website designers, and other integration providers. Your clients will not know we did the integrations and you can advertise them on your site as your own! Reseller prices on integrations is 30% off the listed prices on our site (after the first order) or you can buy in Bulk and save even more money! You can then sell the services to your clients at the price you set! Please contact us for more information. We accept payments using 2Checkout and Paypal. If you are in Canada you can also pay from your online banking website using Interac E-Transfer! Our Sites Main - http://websiteintegrations.com WHMCS Integration - http://whmcsintegration.ca Hostbill Integration - http://hostbillintegration.com ClientExec Integration - http://clientexecintegration.com Blesta Integration - http://blestaintegrations.com ------------------------- Follow Us on Twitter for Special Offers! http://twitter.com/whmcstemplates
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