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  1. Can you PM here in the forums with some proof? Screenshot or something. I could be interested of this also.
  2. I could not find edit button from my post so if you were asking how many licenses? I need one license.
  3. Hi @Absolution ! Can you provide me Validatio Token? I could be interested of this
  4. Hi, I would like to get valid reasonable priced Burning Board license. Please let me know price and version and if it comes with other stuff. Payment via PayPal.
  5. Let's bump this up a bit Still looking and I'm planning the sit already
  6. Anyone? Payment via paypal and I hope to get this license as soon as possible - if I get it before my holiday in 2.5 weeks it would be absolutely perfect!
  7. Hi there! I want to buy a valid xenforo license. It must have at least 2 months support time left. Make me an offer!

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