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  1. I am offering you $225. Please let me know if you are interested.
  2. Hello dear I am looking to buy your license. I can shell out a maximum of $225 possibly. Please let me know what you think and if you are interested. Warm Regards
  3. Why would I buy it @ $300. from you. when I can get it $249 from original author/seller. Thank you so much for the conversation. I cannot bear this conversation which is not worthy because you can not honor your commitement.
  4. $300 for both. If i am correct send me the invoice as requested above.
  5. I just need one license if you are interested in for $150. let me know though you can sell the other one for yourself obviously.
  6. This is what you have said. If you are interested give me your final answer along with Detailed Paypal invoice stating what you are selling and obviously for how much.
  7. Whats your plan are going to stick to the price you quoted. Give me your final answer.
  8. I am getting 1 from them at $249. And I need only one so if you are interested give your final legit price. Yes I have a verified paypal account.
  9. I think of myself as legit as you think of your self. And if you are interested to sell your licenses which have latest version download access at PHP fox portal. Raise an invoice through Paypal and mentioning details in Invoice description that what you are selling what versions these are. If latest download from Phpfox is available or not. If every thing goes well and if you are not from India*. I can pay you immediately. *Note : As I am not able to transfer money to India. Reply Immediately
  10. Provide me complete details of the product and other ad dons or something like that if any. And give me you last and final offer.
  11. I am interested to buy the license for $140 including transfer. Reply if you are interested.

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