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  1. Left you feedback as well already. Thank you again for such a wonderfully fast and friendly transaction!
  2. Dani454 posted a new classified: [plain]Selling Xenforo License & Media Gallery[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  3. You're very welcome! This transaction is complete. Thanks!
  4. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: Xenforo and XFMG 2. When does it expire? Apr 15th & 16th 2016 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Looking for between $90-110 Please send your offers via PM - I can give the validation token and domain name there. The validation on this site seems to be broken for now. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have a license for sale - it comes with Media Gallery. If you'd like an Audentio theme, as well, it comes with that. I'm looking for $120+. Thanks
  6. Hi Dani, Thanks for the feedback, how do you leave feedback ? so I can return the favour :)

  7. I'm a mac gal, but that is quickly changing.
  8. Yes, Chris explained in another thread that you can sell the license - but the new owner just needs to register at his site to ensure you get updates, the correct information, etc. I'll link it here. http://i.imgur.com/dSEZgCX.png
  9. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade - Xenforo, Resource Manager and Xenmedia Gallery. 2. When does it expire? - Xenforo : Mar 15th, 2015 , XenMedia : Apr 12th, 2015. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes. 4. Any Screenshots? - No. 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. - Willing to accept between 90 - 110$ for all three. Just a note: I will not make a final decision on selling my license until Saturday (7/26), so please send your requests and the best offer will get it! If there are any other addons I have that I can transfer, I'll let you kn
  10. I have one, but it also has Resource Manager and a few other addons... let me know if this interests you!

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