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  1. Would I need to pay for the renewal of those applications, or could I just pay the $25 renewal for the IP.Board?
  2. Upping my price to $100 USD including transfer fee. Must be the original owner. PM me to discuss, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't be interested in doing a trade outside of the official IPS transfer system.
  4. Oh wow, the OP should mention that clearly in the first post. It's no longer a "perpetual" license as described.
  5. Are you still selling? I'd be interested in buying for $75 including the transfer fee.
  6. Hi all, I'm new here and came across this site through a google search. Anyways.. I'm looking to purchase a (transferrable) IPB license. Although not required, IP.Content and Gallery would be a plus and i'd pay more. I'm looking to spend in the $60-80 range including the transfer fee, however I'm open to negotiate depending on certain circumstances such as having the mentioned applications. I have a (verified) PayPal account and am looking to pay through that. Feel free to post here or message me privately to make an offer. I have email notifications setup so I should respond fairly quic

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