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  1. & I'm still buying I've decided Dan that I only really want a transferable one. However I hope you sell yours soon
  2. A quick bump to let you know I'm still buying.
  3. Dani454 is this still for sale? Sorry I've neglected this thread, I've been super busy!
  4. I'm definitely be interested. Though would you mind waiting a day or 2 just to see if anyone else has a transferable one? & if not then I'll happily chat to you about it.
  5. As title says, I'm buying another XenForo license. Must be transferable. Please let me know if you have one. Cheers!
  6. Thanks @Kezako! Smooth transaction. Thread closed.
  7. As title says, looking to buy an XenForo license, (possibly 2) ideally with time left, & transferable. Please post/PM offers, thanks! PayPal only (+verified)

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