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  1. Page rank 3 domain for sale for $150. Instant domain push to your account at Thexyz.
  2. Accepting any offers on
  3. 1. Yes it will include ktools account 2. You can change the contact information with ktools 3. I can send you screenshot or you can contact ktools for verification.
  4. Sure. Please paypal me at perry at
  5. I am selling a V4 license to Ktools PhotoStore. Includes Unbranded addon and contributor addon. RRP = $500 EL price = $300
  6. I took my directory offline but I have the database if you are interested, it has about 1000 categorized sites that are all manually approved.
  7. I have two x file sharing licenses. They are both 1.8/1.9 so not the current version on the demo page: I have the payment gateways add-on, accepting add-ons.
  8. I am selling a phpFox community license (3.1.0) Support and updates for this license has expired but can be activated through phpFox for $50. I paid $300 for the script and $50 for unbranded license. I also have every phpFox add-on from ThemeDorks. Over $500 spent, yours for just $200!
  9. I have removed the links now. Not sure how this site works if you just go around deleting posts all willy nilly. I have not sold the licenses and they should not be abandoned.
  10. Really disappointed with Extra License.

  11. I am not talking about that link. I am referring to actual posts listing licenses for sale. This site makes me wary I think I will spend my time listing licenses and buy ad space elsewhere. I will also remove all other links I have to on other PR4 sites.
  12. I have been listing a few scripts for sale on here and would like to list some more but they keep getting removed. I am not sure why as I own a real license to each script I wish to sell.
  13. I have some free websites and domains. They are good quality sites that resell cloud backup software, backlinks or auto blogs. They are about the expire so you just need to pay for renewal by first creating a free account at and of course message me for more info on this great deal exclusive for EL members.
  14. I have a few databases available, most do not have any members but may links and posts.
  15. I see they now say "WTS" but I want to edit the title of this listing: and can't see where to edit it.
  16. I have made a mistake in listing and I cannot edit the listing or remove it to create a new one.
  17. Yes, I work at hosting company and I manage a few phpfox sites. Some users cannot find the time needed and have to sell. I will continue to work as a dev and help support phpfox through clients at Thexyz Server.
  18. What's included: -Community license 3.1.0 ($299) -Branding removal ($49) -Brilliance Template ($65) -Harbinger phpFox Theme ($49) -Complete Emoticon Set ($1) -2 months free VPS hosting at ($35 p/mo) Total = $533 Yours for just $350 The domain is not included and neither is the content on the site. All you need is a domain to use for this site and good idea for a networking community. It is all configured and setup and runs really well on current server. I have also edited the theme files to create a few new custom styles that will be included. http://foru