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  1. probably this guy is scamer never appeared on Skype and thats why he asked to be paid
  2. Hello, Of course no, you can get the funds and say good bye Also this is not how the WHMCS process happens You are only 1 month here with no purchases and i am years and so with much Sending you pm for further. Thank you in advance.
  3. Tech_Admin posted a new classified: [plain]Non Branded License[/plain] whmcs non branded Read more about the classified...
  4. Webhost licenses are not sold or transferable, this is a scamer that was being banned from the forum and came with a new nickname.
  5. This is a common scam , be aware. If the person is not putting the proof on the public it is scam.
  6. Still looking for a WHMCS licenses, because of the most here in extralicense.com are scammers think twice before getting in trouble yourself and post that you sell a license you not have.
  7. This topic is very suspicious, be careful buying from this person.
  8. No way you get so much you ask or they offered you! It is too high, your license should be below 150$ to 180$ no higher, they are licenses in the market even for a lower price that i say so.
  9. I not get your answer very clearly. Let me tell you all licenses when you pay them coming with 1 year free support in the below invoice in the 1st one you have shown the license with the tax fee maybe you misunderstood and though it was a support, after 1 year if you want you can buy optional support or updates and you pay 44.95$

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