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  1. Would you be okay with a middle man?
  2. Can you send me a screenshot of this? I would like to see addons. I can take care of the renewals.
  3. Please provide prices for both. Thanks
  4. Looking to buy a license. I prefer the license has Forums+Pages+Downloads as addons but willing to entertain other options aswell. Thanks!
  5. Its important to mention that your license has expired. And that the three addons you are looking at including were not approved for transfer by the addon developer.
  6. I believe this would be violating XenForos TOS! This is not allowed!
  7. Thanks for the support, working with paypal to get my refund
  8. I would highly recommend that being added to the thread below, this way everything is public and the seller cannot sell to two people at the same time. https://extralicense.com/threads/how-do-i-know-the-person-selling-a-xenforo-license-actually-has-a-license.941/
  9. Maybe all transactions should be done via thread vs PM, if this was done via thread we would have known he was selling to two people?
  10. His response to the paypal dispute: 9/26/2014 08:51 PDT - Seller: Hola ya hice el envio de la licencia, el problema es el siguiente. acordamos que me comprarian la licencia entre 3 personas pero solo dos me mandaron el dinero falto uno, yo le di la licencia a la persona con la que hice el trato y por lo visto tuvieron problemas entre ellos, y ahora aparte de q falto uno por pagar exigen un reeembolso.Segundo ya hice lectura de las politicas de paypal que dicen asi, La Protección de comprador de PayPal sólo aplica a los pagos de ciertos artículos tangibles, físicos que se pueden enviar. Los

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